Work with nature

Work with nature

Work with nature

It is clear that modern society has made living with nature more complicated than it needs to be. We know that compost and organic materials, such as brush and leaves, help to feed the soil free of charge, but we continue to rake our lawns and clear our gardens, and then pay for artificial fertilizers.  We know that growing a variety of native plants is one of the keys to ecological biodiversity and yet we devote our entire lawns to just grass and lament about the lack of insects and bees. We know that native seeds are better adapted to their areas, are pest and drought resistant, and best of all they are free—yet we still spend our money on foreign hybrids from Big Ag and complain that our veggie gardens are too much work. We also know that nature has ways of controlling pests and diseases, but we purchase chemicals to do instead whilst it poisons our food, animals, and environment.

Why do we do this? We are working overtime to struggle against nature. Nature is a miracle that is taking place every day right outside of our doorstep and if we simply start working with it, rather than against it, we could stop wasting our energy on these things and let nature do the work for us.

How do we do this? We can create environments where nature can thrive at your home.

A few ideas:

– Instead of having an all grass lawn, carve out a large section to grow native plants and wildflowers

– Create a rain garden so that rain water drains into your soil

– Start backyard (or worm) composting

– Grow things to eat that are native to your land (or are known to grow well there)

– Use companion plants to help with pests

– Harvest rain water using a rain barrel

– Don’t bag your leaves or clear gardens but let the organic material decompose and feed the soil

Nature is over-flowing with unlimited potential…Just let it do it’s thing!

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