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Watch the film Our Planet

The WWF released a really important series on Netflix recently called Our Planet. It’s similar to the series Blue Planet and Planet Earth, with beautiful videography, unique locations and wildlife, AND the voice of Sir David Attenborough (love him) – but the Our Planet series is different than previous nature shows. While it has the beauty and wonder, the series also highlights the threats facing our planet in an incredibly vivid and artful way. In addition, WWF also launched this weekend – an incredible new resource which outlines the solutions to the biggest environmental problems facing our world.

Our Planet has been released in 190 countries and is translated in over 20 languages, allowing people from all over the world to discover why our natural world matters to us all. Let your friends and family know about the series and the website. Underpinning the movement is the fact that if we all understand our planet and what’s happening to it, we will all be motivated to work together to change the world.

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