Waste less travelling

Waste less travelling

Waste less travelling

Every wondered how you can reduce your waste when you travel? Here are some quick tips:

1) Go paperless: Use your phone to check in for your flight or train. Download maps to your phone to get around at your destination. If you need some reading material for your travels, download an iBook or an audiobook.

2) Carbon offset your flight: Flying is one of the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide emissions. When you need to fly, you can donate some money to a carbon offsetting program at an environmental organization to make up for the emissions your plane causes.

3) Bring your own reusables: When travelling you’ll likely be eating out more than usual. You’ll also likely be grabbing food from the local grocery store. This results in having to use those plastic takeaway containers and cutlery, as well as plastic shopping and produce bags. To avoid this, bring with you some reusable cutlery (stainless or bamboo), a stainless steel straw, a reusable mug (for coffee or water), a collapsible food container, a few cloth produce bags, a cloth shopping bag, and a handkerchief.  These compact items allow you to refuse countless plastic silverware, straws, plastic bags, and paper napkins.

4) Bring a shampoo bar: This can act as your soap and shampoo for your whole trip which allows you to refuse those mini bottles of shampoo they provide at hotels.

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