New clothes wash before wearing

Wash clothes before wearing

Wash new clothes before wearing them

Many clothes and bedding are treated with chemicals after they are manufactured. The most common one is a chemical called urea formaldehyde that prevents mildew from forming on clothes when they have to be shipped for long periods in hot, humid shipping containers.

Urea formaldehyde is produced from urea and formaldehyde and both chemicals are known to have adverse affects on health, from increasing the likelihood of respiratory diseases and cancer to affecting memory and attention spans.

An easy way to reduce your exposure to these and other chemicals that the fabrics may have been treated with is to give your clothes and bedding a wash before using. The first wash will get rid of a substantial amount, and with each subsequent wash, the chemicals will be rinsed out more and more.

Other ways to avoid exposure to this chemical through your clothes and bedding is to buy organic, buy local, or buy second hand.

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