Seek out good news

Seek out good news

Seek out good news

For many of us who like to check the news throughout the day, all the negativity is enough to send us into a tailspin of anxiety and depression. All the headlines about scandals, corruption, Trump, pollution, climate change, violence, and devastating natural disasters.. It’s never-ending and it’s *almost* enough to make you lose your faith in humanity and lose hope for the future.

So, before you feel compelled to throw yourself off of a cliff, it’s important to balance out all the bad news with some good news. This world is filled with people trying to make a positive difference, people helping others, people inventing innovative solutions to the world’s problems, and all sorts of other uplifting stories. But we never hear about that stuff, because it just doesn’t seem to grab enough eyeballs. So, we have to go out of our way to seek it out. Now, where to find this good news?

There are a number of news sites that have a good news section: Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian, USA Today, Today, and MSN.

There are also multiple sites that are dedicated only to reporting on uplifting stories from around the world, such as The Good News Network, Positive.News, and

Also, if you ask your Google Assistant “Hey Google, tell me something good”, it will tell you stories that focus on people who are solving problems for our communities and for our world.


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