Recycled toilet paper

Recycled toilet paper

Buy recycled toilet paper

It seems like such a no brainer to buy toilet paper made from recycled paper products and yet the most popular brands in North America cut down trees to make their toilet paper. Go ahead and check out your package of toilet paper and see if you can find recycled or post consumer content written on the package. You will likely be shocked to find there is no such information. It is truly abhorrent that these toilet paper companies are still cutting down trees when it’s perfectly easy to source recycled content.

So, first thing’s first. Find a new brand of toilet paper that uses recycled paper to create their product.

Second, write or call the big brand’s customer support and tell them that you used to be a loyal customer but that you decided to take your business elsewhere when you learned that they didn’t use recycled paper.

When enough customers reach out to them or they lose enough business, they will change the way they source.

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