Recycle electronics

Recycle electronics

Recycle your electronics

Extracting cobalt and lithium from old electronics is essential in powering clean energy (electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines all need lithium and cobalt) and reducing the risk of human and environmental exploitation involved in mining. But despite these benefits, lithium and cobalt recycling rates are low worldwide, according to a study released by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). They attribute this to a number of factors, such as insufficient infrastructure for electronic recycling and a lack of awareness.

While many cities don’t collect electronics for recycling as part of their waste collection programs, there are often places in cities where you can drop off your old electronics. 

Many electronics and photography stores all over the world have collection bins where you can drop off old computers, phones and tablets. 

A quick google search for your area should show you a number of places where you can ensure the resources in your old electronics will get a new life down the line.

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