Plant native species

Plant native species

Plant native species in your garden

Restoring native plant habitat is VITAL to helping improve biodiversity (we all read that scary report by the WWF about how humankind has wiped out 60% of the animal and plant life since the 1970s, right? ?) By adding native plants to your garden, each patch of habitat helps nurture and sustain the living landscape for bugs, birds and other animals.

Not sure what native plants are? Native plants are those that occur naturally in your particular region.

Unfortunately, most of the landscaping plants available in stores are species from other countries. These foreign plants not only hinder the local food web for critters and animals, but many become invasive pests, outcompeting natives because there are no bugs or animals that eat them. They then take over the native species in the garden, which further destroys habitats.

The bottom line is, we all can benefit birds and other wildlife by simply selecting native plants when making our landscaping decisions. .

To find out the native species in your area, all it takes is a quick google search. You should be able to find trees, shrubs, plants and edibles that will vastly benefit your area.

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