Phthalates in food

Phthalates in food

Ask your fave food brands if they test for phthalates

Phthalates get into food through food handling equipment, like conveyer belts and storage tanks, and packaging, like cellophane, paperboard, and various forms of plastic.

Scientific evidence has linked phthalates to many reproductive, developmental and endocrine-related health problems. Exposure is of particular concern to women of child bearing age, pregnant women, and young children due to phthalates’ documented harm to normal development.

So, what can you do about this terrible problem in our food supply? First, you can reduce your risk of phthalate exposure through which foods you choose to eat (see Reducing phthalate exposure through food choices post). Secondly, you can write your favourite food brands to ask if they test their food products for phthalates.

Write them an email and tell them you’re concerned as a consumer about the exposure risk for phthalates through food. Ask then directly what they are doing to avoid contaminating their products with these dangerous chemicals and passing these health risks to their customers.

You can write your favourite cookie brand or your tea or veggie hot dog or literally anything you eat or drink and simply ask the question if they test their final product for these chemicals that have been found to be prevalent in our food today. Organic products unfortunately also get contaminated through their packaging and food handling systems so be sure to write these brands as well.

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