Nature scavenger hunt kids

Create a nature scavenger hunt

Have you ever tried a nature scavenger hunt? It is so fun. Here’s how you play: You write on a piece of paper a bunch of things that you might see, hear or feel when outside. And then when you find the thing that you had written, you can cross it off your list. The first person to find all the things wins.

Here are some ideas for the scavenger hunt:⠀

What you can see:⠀

  • an evergreen tree⠀
  • a tree with no leaves
  • an insect
  • a pine cone
  • an insect
  • animal tracks
  • thorns

What you can hear:

  • a bird
  • leaves rustling

What you can feel: ⠀

  • something rough
  • something smooth
  • something wet


  • what other cool things did you find?

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