Love where you are

Love where you are now

Love where you are right now

Many of us are constantly striving for a bigger house and a better neighbourhood. Why? We think that these things will make us happy. The truth is things or houses aren’t what make people happy. Happiness is an attitude, a perspective, a frame of mind.

And there are certain things that you can do to shift your way of thinking on how you’re living right now to appreciate what you have, even if your life isn’t perfect.

Find a passion and start working on it. When you’re immersed in something that you love, you are excited about life and it’s possibilities, and you realize that things aren’t as important. You are simply happy in the moment right where you are.

Find your community: There are people all around you that share your passions, values, and lifestyle. You just have to make an effort to get out and about and meet people. Attend groups or meet-ups in your area on the topics you’re passionate about.

Find places that you love in your area and visit them frequently. These places will make you feel more connected to your community, which is an important part of feeling happy.

Create a space that you love in your home. Try to carve out a little spot in your home that is just yours and make it a space that you find inviting and inspiring. You can put a few plants in a corner with a chair where you can have your morning coffee, or create a reading nook with a cozy chair and blanket, or a meditation space in front of a window. Let that space be where you go to feel at peace and at home.

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