Don’t expect children to behave like adults

Don’t expect children to act like adults

So often children are punished for “acting out” or making mistakes. Children are scolded or punished for being grumpy, having disrespectful tones, or talking back, yet we adults do all of these things sometimes. We are all imperfect and make mistakes. So, why are we disappointed when our children do the same? If anything, we need to be even more understanding of their errors because their brains aren’t fully developed yet and they are not capable of controlling all of their emotions or impulses. They also don’t fully understand how their actions impact others.

So, let’s be patient with our children and instead of punishing them for their mistakes, use those hard moments to listen to what is causing the behaviour and then guide and teach them through it. Tell them every part of them is accepted but also let them know how their actions affect others. By showing them empathy and kindness, we are teaching them empathy and kindness.

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