Back to school kindness challenge for kids

Kindness challenge for kids

Do a back to school kindness challenge

The first few days and weeks of school can be a challenging and nerve-wracking time for kids. A nice thing to do to help kids who are struggling is a back to school kindness challenge. The idea is you try to spot any kids that might be feeling sad or scared on the first few days and weeks of school and see if there is anything you can do to help them. This of course helps the kids who are struggling but also helps you feel good and excited about helping others and being a part of the school community. Focusing on doing good deeds for others can also be a good way for you to focus some of your own nervous energy and it might make you a few new friends in the process.

A few things you can do are: make welcome cards for new students, invite someone new to sit with you at lunch or play with them at recess, help younger kids on the playground, ask someone crying if they need a hug or a friend, or high five younger students as they pass.

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