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Greenify your online shopping

We all have some personal responsibility when it comes to helping the environment and our lifestyle, and one of the main things is simply buying less stuff. Beyond that, here are some things to consider that will make your online shopping a little greener:⠀⠀

Plan ahead and buy less. If you need an item on a regular basis, get a subscription. That way, the retailer can arrange for the most efficient delivery.⠀

Don’t check out your online shopping cart until it’s as full as possible. One shipment obviously generates fewer emissions than five.⠀⠀

Avoid two-day, same-day or any expedited shipping, even if it’s free. These scenarios result in more air shipments, emptier trucks, less efficient routes and more emissions.⠀

Have your stuff delivered somewhere safe. Delivery attempts that were unsuccessful because you weren’t home increase the number of truck trips. If you’re not at home, can your parcel be delivered to a post office or your work?⠀

Avoid unnecessary returns. When buying clothing, don’t order multiple sizes when you’re not sure which one fits. Don’t add items to your cart that you plan to return just to get free shipping. Returns don’t just go back the way they came, but often rack up emissions on a long, circuitous journey through global logistics systems.⠀

Reuse and recycle the packaging. ⠀

The source of these great tips: @cbc

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