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Flexible plastic phthalates

Be wary of flexible plastic

Did you know that flexible plastic has a much higher risk of having phthalates than hard plastic? That’s because phthalates are plasticizers, which are the chemicals that make the plastic flexible. And we all know the dangers of phthalates but real quick they are endocrine disruptors and can cause major developmental and hormonal problems in fetuses, children and adults, like genital defects, early onset puberty, and infertility.

So, if you have to buy flexible plastic products (skipping ropes, extension cords, computer cords, some toys, shower curtains, garden hoses, rainwear, dolls, wall coverings, table clothes, etc.) try to not buy it from a cheap source like the dollar store as they are more likely to contain them. Well known brands are more likely to have had their products tested for phthalates (although this isn’t always the case). Also try to avoid plastic with the number 3 and the letters “V” or PVC” as these types of plastics are most likely to contain phthalates. 

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