Fight mosquitoes with bats

Fight mosquitoes with bats

Fight mosquitoes with bat homes

There are a number of ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes—tiki torches, insect repellent, electric zapping lamps, and insecticide. But there’s a more nature-friendly and healthier way to rid your backyard or cottage of these buzzing annoyances: bats. They can eat up to a 1000 mosquito-size insects per hour. Per hour! Ya. Not only can they eat mosquitoes, but if you garden, they will help control the pests that are eating up your veggie crops too. Farmers have been using bats as pest control for centuries.

So, many people these days are putting up bat houses at their homes to house these helpful little guys. They are quite easy to install and most are not expensive.

And, like so many animals these days, bats are under threat due to habitat loss, so providing homes for them has benefits for our ecological diversity as well.

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