Choose eco friendly school supplies

Choose eco friendly school supplies

Buy eco friendly school supplies

It’s that time of year again. Parents are thinking about back to school gear and starting to buy supplies for the year. Instead of rushing out on your lunch hour and hastily grabbing what you need, why not take a bit more time this year to shop a bit more sustainably.

Here are some ways you can help the environment with your back to school shopping:

– buy a backpack, lunch bag, and pencil cases made from recycled plastic. Parkland is a great brand to check out for this.

– buy a stainless steel lunch container rather than plastic

– buy a refillable stainless steel bottle

– buy biodegradable bandaids. Australian company Patch has come up with a line of bandages made from bamboo fibre, which are compostable and free from plastic.

– buy a stainless steel re-usable straw

– buy second hand clothing and shoes

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