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Eat for the future

Eat for the future

The EAT-Lancet report was released at the beginning of 2019 and it’s the first full scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet for people AND the planet. The report was written by consulting 37 leading scientists from 16 countries in various disciplines, including human health, agriculture, political sciences, and environmental sustainability. 

The report concludes that our current global food system is severely threatening both the future of the human species and the future of the planet. It outlines how one of the greatest challenges facing humanity is to provide a growing world population with healthy diets from sustainable food systems. 

The report highlights that human consumption of fruits, nuts, and legumes will have to double, and our consumption of foods such as red meat and sugar will have to be reduced by more than 50%. What’s convenient, is that a diet rich in plant-based foods with fewer animal source foods will facilitate BOTH improved human health AND dramatic environmental benefits. 

So, if your diet is not already high in legumes and nuts, then start trying to incorporate these more into your diet. Try nuts for snacks as they are a great source of healthy fat and protein. And try replacing meat with legumes in your main dishes (some quick ideas are lentil Dahl, vegan tuna salad (made with chickpeas), and rice and beans.

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