DIY soap

DIY soap

Make your own soap

So, we know what you’re thinking.. Make my own soap? This low impact living is getting a little out of hand. Who in the world has time to make their own freaking soap.

BUT  1) it is ridiculously easy and fast to make, 2) it’s cheaper than buying your own soap, 3) it saves a ton of plastic because you are refilling the same bottle over and over again, and  4) you avoid the hormone disrupting chemicals, such as phthalates, that are often in store bought soap.

So, here is a super simple recipe to make your own foaming hand soap.

1) Fill up most of your hand soap bottle with water

2) Add in two tablespoons of castile soap

3) Add in one tablespoon of olive oil (or whatever oil you have on hand)

4) Put the top on and swish it around to mix up the ingredients.

That is it. You’re done. A large bottle of Castile soap will last you YEARS since you only use a couple of tablespoons for each refill.

You’ll notice the soap is a bit watery but it foams up nicely and does the job. Because it is watery, be careful when you’re using the soap pump that it doesn’t shoot out too fast and get on your shirt.

Still on the fence? Because now you have to buy castile soap? Well, here are some other things you can make with castile soap to make that purchase worth it:

  • dish soap
  • body wash
  • all purpose cleaner
  • shampoo
  • ant repellant

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