Push for climate emergency

Declare a climate emergency

Push your city to declare a climate emergency

If your city hasn’t declared a climate emergency yet, here is why you should support the local initiatives to do so. Cities and local government have often been the catalyst for national policy change, from minimum wage to civil rights. Local wins inspire more communities to follow and build momentum for much-needed national mobilization.

Along with creating momentum for more change at a national level, local policy initiatives themselves are an important part of reducing emissions and improving biodiversity. Declaring a climate emergency forces the local government to divert funds towards climate change initiatives and put a strategic focus on the issue for that term.

So, what can you do to get your city to declare a climate emergency?

1) Spread the word. Talk to the people you know about the need for emergency-level climate mobilization. Share the information about it on your social media.

2) Join the movement. There are local campaigns for declaring climate emergencies worldwide that are being led by regular people who are stepping up because they understand that we can’t wait for our policy makers to make the first move. Search for what is happening in your area and start going to rallies and providing your support.

3) If nothing is being done in this regard in your municipality, start your own climate mobilization group. There are very informative resources at theclimatemobilization.org on how to do this.

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