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Ask about the abuse policies at your kids’ extracurriculars

It is always devastating to read about the stories that come out all over the world about some coaches and the sexual abuse of their students. There will always unfortunately be people who prey on those more vulnerable than they are. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to ask the place where your child participates in extra curricular activities about their abuse policies. Here is a sample script and some useful questions that you could ask:⠀


My son/daughter participates in your X program and I am interested in your abuse policy. Would you mind please answering the following questions for me.

Does the club have a standalone abuse policy?⠀

What is the screening process for coaches and staff?⠀

Do you have a social media policy?⠀

Who is enforcing the rules?⠀

What is the policy for reporting abuse?⠀

Is there a list of coaches who have been suspended or banned?⠀

Are parents notified if a coach is reported, suspended or banned?

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