Seek out unpackaged food

Buy Unpackaged food

Seek out unpackaged food

The plastic in our grocery stores is out of hand. It encircles close to 80% of products in grocery stores, most of it destined for the garbage since it is non-recyclable. It’s both devastating and infuriating to think about.

So, what can you do to get the message to grocery stores that we don’t want to see this anymore? First, you can stop buying stuff that is wrapped with plastic. Bring your reusable produce bags and use those to carry your unpackaged produce. Secondly, write to management of the grocery store. You can leave a comment card, note or send an email to the manager and owner and let them know that you think they should be more responsible for the single use plastic they are putting into the world and that you would like to see them work to reduce the plastic in their stores.

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