Buy repairable products

Buy repairable products

Before you buy a new toy or electronic device, try checking to see if you are able to repair it if it breaks. Can you send in broken parts to the company? Can you disassemble it with a screwdriver or is it sealed shut? Is there repair documentation on the company’s website? Is there troubleshooting instructions on the website? These are important things to consider before you buy.

The right to repair is important because 1) repairing is better for the environment, 2) repairing saves you money 3) repairing connects people in your community and 4) repairing teaches engineering.

In our current throwaway culture, it is time that we all start doing our best effort to repair more and toss less. This includes adjusting our buying habits to place higher consideration on items that can repaired as well as reaching out to companies to ask for more repairable products.

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