Do more for the planet and be happier

Be happier

Do more for the planet. Be happier.

A growing body of research indicates that adopting a more sustainable lifestyle can lead to a more satisfied life. Numerous studies have found that people who purchase green products, who recycle, or who volunteer for green causes report being more satisfied with their lives than their less environmentally friendly peers. Social psychologist Michael Schmitt at Simon Fraser University in Canada and colleagues found that, of the 39 pro-environmental behaviors examined, 37 were positively linked to life satisfaction.

The authors of this 2018 study found that the strongest positive relationships were between life satisfaction and those behaviors involving a cost in money, time, or effort (so the more effort/time/money you spend doing the green thing, the more you enjoy it). Far from suggesting that people lose out when they put significant effort into living a sustainable life, it seems the more you put in, the more you stand to gain. Win win! 

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