Be wary of antibacterial products

Antibiotic resistance

Avoid antibacterial products

Antibacterial products have skyrocketed in the past 20 years, when only a few dozen antibacterial products were available for consumers to buy. Now there are thousands of these products available, from soaps to household cleaners to toothpaste and deodorant. What’s ironic is that people buy these products because they think it will help keep them and their families safer and healthier, when in reality these products are making us sicker and more vulnerable to infections down the road. When we overuse antibacterial products, we create superbugs that adapt and become immune to our antibiotics. This means that a simple infection has the potential to kill even the healthiest of people since the medicines that we used to be able to use are now ineffective.

Every year across the world, at least 700,000 people die from drug-resistant diseases, and that number is expected to increase to 10 MILLION DEATHS PER YEAR  by 2050 if things continue on the way they are going. And considering the lack of global action on this critical issue, this seems like a very real possibility.

When we use these antibacterial products, not only do we create super bugs, but these antibacterials end up in septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, where they kill off the good microbes needed to digest our waste. The world needs germs in order to support all life on earth!

So next time you reach for the antibacterial products at the store, think twice – and realize that regular old soap cleans just as well without doing anything harmful to our environment or our future.

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